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Smart Building Integration (BMS, BAS, OT) Imagine a fully-connected, digitally optimized city. Now build it. Smart cities are not ‘cities of tomorrow,’ they are possible today. At Jointech, we leverage the latest integrated systems technology in every design and technology service we offer, at any scale — from a single facility to an entire city. With expertise covering everything from consultation and strategy through ongoing management and IT support, we’re guiding city and industry leaders into the future.


From mega developments, to high-tech factories and distribution centers, and command centers to campuses, the smart cities of the future require a unified, future-proof technology infrastructure.

Innovative. Cutting-Edge. Future-Proof.

Smart City development means analyzing data collected from citizens, devices, buildings and assets to monitor and manage transportation systems, power plants, utilities, water supply, waste management, crime detection, information systems, schools, and hospitals for a quality of life that promotes the best of urban living. From safe streets to green spaces, to a reasonable commute and easy access to art and culture, in the era of COVID-19 the fundamental technology requirements for buildings of the future have been altered.

Safe social distancing means touchless doors and elevators, infrared environmental sensors, and predictive analytics. This technology shift requires a fundamentally different philosophy to how structures are built and renovated. If the technology doesn’t work, the building doesn’t work, and neither does the economic community. A smart, seamless technology infrastructure bridges horizontal design engineering and fiber infrastructure with modular vertical systems distribution for cost effective management of the building life cycle, unprecedented customization, and generation of data to manage security, power, unified communications infrastructure design, and vertical distribution framework implementation.

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