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At JOINTECH LLC, our customers are our top priority.

This is evident from the way we work and serve. from tailored high-quality solutions to end-to-end service assistance, even after the job is complete, we go above and beyond to deliver you the ultimate customer experience, this starts from the moment you hire us.

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at Jointech LLC, we first understand your automation and integration needs.

once we know what you’re looking for, our multifaceted team of designers and engineers work cohesively to create a system design implementation plan for your tailored solution. we use AUTOCAD drawings as it uses a dynamic engineering model that combines design and production drafting smoothly. as the data and design work is performed on 3D dimension and visualization, it becomes incredibly easy to produce top quality system design with enhanced work accuracy. At this stage, our team plans out the significant deliverables and structure to execute your project.


Once the system design is ready and approved by you, we use then move to the execution process. At Jointech LLC, we use proven project management techniques for project execution, ensuring that it is completed on time and within budget. We make sure that the quality is superior and the project doesn’t override the estimated cost.

Our expert team manages all aspects of project management while you enjoy a stress-free experience. Our professionals will handle everything, including cost controls, estimation, scheduling, decision making, and expediting. We work in your best interest and aspire to deliver you a solution that supersedes your expectation.

Preventative Maintenance


Trouble-Shooting Support


We offer both trouble-shooting support and preventative maintenance assistance.  It is unlikely to happen, but if you still experience trouble-shooting issues, contact our team, and we’ll assist you promptly. Our goal is to make sure the solutions work as intended and smoothly with no glitches or errors.

Another great way to ensure smooth system performance is preventative maintenance. We allow you to benefit from our contractual annual preventative maintenance for a small fee. Under this contract, we will visit your property to assess the solution’s performance and address any problems, repairs, or issues before they become costly issues and result in downtime. Our goal is to keep your system up and running round the clock. 

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