A full-suite of IT Services and customizable integrated solutions


Jointech offers flexible based support solutions to small businesses in order that they can achieve the same level of IT Support as the bigger companies they compete against, without the costly overhead of a large money draining IT department. Call and ask how we can help your business meet todays complex information technology demands.

Jointech offers the full spectrum of IT Support services from servicing the end users desktops and printers to WAN and VPN.  We have over 15 years experience in the IT Management.

Jointech Consultants has experts ready to assist your company with its Computer and Network Support needs. We tailor our approach to your unique needs and requirements. We analyze your business requirements and custom design the methodology to best fit your requirements and budget. Call today and talk with one of our Support Managers about your IT Support Needs.

Wi-Fi And Network

When it comes to structuring wiring and networking, we take pride in being the top choice among business owners. We are experienced in vertical and horizontal connectivity projects. Whether you need copper or fiber cabling, routers, and switches to connect voice and data across the LAN, we can assist you with them all.  We can provide you with customized services addressing all aspects like transmission error rates, cable conformance, cable management, and bandwidth consideration.

Telephony System


Seamless and responsive communication is crucial for delivering the best customer service and enhancing business productivity. That’s why organizations across industries are integrating our advanced and robust IPPBX telephony systems. Features like call routing, audio-video conference, voicemail, telephone accounting, call auto-attendant ensure that the call flow is configured to multiple devices for real-time team collaboration and customer communication. Our telephony systems are built for the purpose. Integrated with software and applications, IPPBX provides flexibility and ease of using a phone system.

Audio-Visual System


Whether it’s audio-video, or both, we specialize in media distribution systems for any space. We offer state-of-the-art audio-visual systems installed by our highly trained team of professionals ensuring crisp sound and high-end picture quality.

From wall and ceiling speakers with compatible amplifiers to announcement systems and quality microphones for halls, display devices, and digital interactive whiteboards, our solutions transform an average conference room into a highly-professional environment for greater productivity and outcomes.



Tap the power to control multiple devices at home or office from anywhere with our next-generation automation system.

At Jointech LLC, we empower you to connect and control smart devices installed in your property like HVAC, lights, appliances,  smoke detectors, doors, security locks , alarm systems, and surveillance cameras. We linked together; you can control all your smart devices remotely with the utmost ease.

Lighting Control


One of the most popular home automation solutions, we give you the power and complete control over how our property is illuminated at all times. We can provide you with a tailored lighting plan for added style and improved safety of your home-inside and out.

Our sophisticated lighting management system offers benefits like energy efficiency, flexible illumination, centralized or remote control flexibility, convenience, enhanced comfort, and the safe navigation of spaces in and around your turf.

Solar Power System


Specializing in on-grid and off-grid solar power system, we make sure that our energy solutions provide you with enough power to meet your daily needs smoothly and efficiently. Our experienced technicians will do all the necessary calculations of your power consumption to give you the best solution.

Gate Barrier


At Jointech LLC, we have the experience and expertise to design and build entrance and exit automated gate systems for all types of residential and commercial complex settings. We take a consultative approach to understand your property security needs and then design and install a commercial gate system that ensures a safe and secure facility. We can install gate barriers and security equipment, including swing gates, door automation barriers, bollards, parking systems, and sliding gates. Additionally, gate barriers can also be integrated with other security systems to create an all in one security system. Gate automation is a great way to lower vehicle crime, vandalism and ensure people’s safety.

Intercom and door chime


We take intercom systems to the next level in both display and functionality. When our cutting-edge intercom systems are integrated with security management systems like video surveillance, electronic door locks, and access control, you can enhance your property’s communication processes and significantly improve security-all at the same time.

Access Control System


Entrances to exits and access to restricted areas within your business facility, we can help you regulate traffic flow and efficiently manage your property. With us, you get scalable and secure systems to smoothly control every point of access to your business and home. We have the experience and the team to serve the access control needs of clients across diverse industries. Whether you need access control systems for stand-alone system or multi-site organizations, we can help.

 Intruder Alarm


Reduce the chances of crime and break-ins at all times by installing our smart intruder alarm. Our intruder alarm supports all types of sensors, including motion sensors, microphonic and IR beam, glass break, etc. Additionally, we offer you both options wired and wireless alarm for commercial and residential safety and security needs. Our design specialist can identify your home’s security weak spots and advise you on solutions that will best secure your property.



Did you know that a burglary occurs in the US every 14 seconds and that burglary costs nearly $4.6 billion in damaged and lost property annually? Therefore to lower the risk of thefts and keep your territory safe and secure, install a CCTV system now.

Our digital CCTV systems offer non-stop recording, high-quality images, and 24×7 remote monitoring. Moreover, when automated with an alarm monitoring center, you can oversee your home or facility from anywhere in the world. CCTV systems are a great way to keep burglars at bay and avoid dealing with crimes and damages.

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